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In a joint effort with Taiwan IOSH, MOHW, BSMI and ITRI, Taiwan EPA has established this platform to exchange most updated information and knowledge among academia, industry sectors, government institutions and other stakeholders on nanotechnology environmental health and safety (EHS) issues. The opinions expressed are those of the authors. They do not reflect Taiwan EPA's policy, endorsement or action.


2013/11/22 Taiwan government approved the amendment of "Taiwan Toxic chemical ...
2013/07/03 Taiwan government approved the amendment of "Articles 11 and 13 in ...
2011/08/16 Current oversight policy of nano-cosmetics
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2013/07/04 NanoKTN Publishes 2013 Directory of UK Nanotechnology Health, Safety ...
2013/07/04 Synthesis, stability, cellular uptake, and blood circulation time ...
2013/07/05 Molecular chains hypersensitive to magnetic fields
2013/07/05 Unique nanostructure shell design gives guillemot eggs an edge for ...
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Database Category

Database category of TaiNED covers environmental applications of nanomaterials and synthesis method, toxicity assessment of nanomaterials, effects on aquatic organisms and environmental ecology, exposure assessment, exposure control, skin penetration, transport, transformation and fate in environment, life cycle assessment, and risk assessment such as:

Sponsor Research Area Exposure Pathway
Particle Type Exposure or Hazard Target Article Type
Risk Exposure Group Target Audience Generation Method

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